Mastering Your Music – The Essential Beginner’s Guide

MasteringHow to master a songThe 5 purposes of masteringMastering beginner's guide Mastering your music – the essential beginner’s guide “What mastering is, why your songs should be mastered, and how mastering can transform the sound of your tracks and give them that commercial quality sound you’ve been looking for.” If you’ve always felt a little confused about mastering and how it’s supposed to help your music, this page should clear that up! This beginners guide to mastering will give you a solid foundational understanding of what mastering is, why you need to master your tracks, the basic effects and processes we use to master, and the three options you have for getting your songs mastered. I’ve also included an actual audio example further down this page for you to hear for yourself the difference that mastering can make to a track. With that said, let’s dive right in… Coming up What is mastering? Why master your music? 3 Reasons your music should be mastered What mastering can NOT do for your music The difference between mixing & mastering The basics of mastering Hear the difference mastering can make 3 Options for mastering your music   What is mastering? You can think of mastering as the final step in the audio production process. There’s a lot of complicated definitions out there, but the simplest definition of mastering is this; “Mastering is the process of finalizing an audio track or album by both enhancing it and preparing it for final release”. In even simpler terms… Mastering is really just getting your music ready to be released to the world. We’re doing...
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