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  • The Hollywood Master Challenge – answering the question once and for all whether it’s possible to produce professional masters without the fancy gear.
  • The 10 Major Mastering Mistakes – how to avoid the common pitfalls that lead to amateur sounding masters.

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Iv seen almost all the available tutorials on mastering, AND THIS ONE IS THE BEST, HANDS DOWN ! cheers”

Rijul Victor

Damn I could’ve done with this about a year ago when i was given a mastering lesson at uni..which we were just told to use a compressor and eq…no wonder i failed xD”


God bless you for sharing these secrets!”


Very well done vid, I have not found any other post that actually spells out the process in such an orderly and logical fashion. Thanks.”


I LOVE YOU!!! I have been mastering for about a year now using Izotope Ozone, but I had no Idea about clipping! Also the waves plugins, which I already have, are probably better than Ozone. I spent 400hours on Reaper in the last 3 months and this video has changed the game!”

Matt Glass

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