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  • What really makes a GREAT mix – revealing the 5 key objectives that every mix must accomplish to bring out the best in a song.
  • How to set up a mix buss compressor – use this simple 7 step technique for setting up your mix buss compressor.
  • The Copycat EQ Trick – a little known method for ‘stealing’ the EQ curve right off your favorite commercial records to gain invaluable insights for how to instantly improve your mixes.

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Rob, this is indeed a revelation because I´ve never seen this information revealed anywhere before! When you say it could be the most profound revelation, I would say you are 100% right. Thank you so much for de-mystifying something that has vexed me for some years. I just knew there had to be a well defined method mixing and mastering engineers apply to turn out tracks that sound properly EQ´d no matter what system it will be played back on. I´d seen some hints, but nothing was given away as to how this is achieved. Now we know. THANK YOU SIR. What a vital piece of information.”

Andy Martin

Rob: One of your original students and as always, you have such a gift Rob, of making things clear and relevant. Awesome instruction and encouragement and so grateful and thankful that you share your talents with us. Defiantly has been an influence in my growth and understanding. Thanks Rob!”


Been following Rob since his first ever video and he has never let me down. You sir are a super & humble genius. Always an honor taking a lesson from you. Thanks Rob”

Derek Asare

Rob, always appreciate your tutorials, charts, diagrams, etc. And, I know that you put an incredible amount of time in producing your videos. The videos are awesome from a technical aspect of producing videos!! But more importantly, the information they provide….awesome too! Thanks again.”

Tommy Marcinek

Rob you are the answer to all my mixing troubles . because of you my Mix are getting better and better . thank you . you the man.”

Arnaldo Lukau

I will never thank you enough!!”

Federico Palucci

IMO one of the Top 3 videos of you (if not the best one) and one of the most useful video I’ve ever seen. Thank you.”

Pooria Shahnamood

Well two for two, I’m equally blown away by the EQ demo here,getting a consistently good mix has always been a real mystery and a complete pain most of the time. Thanks for making this topic so much easier to understand and my music much more commercially viable. Can’t thank you enough.”

Diane Ridaeus

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