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PSF (ProSoundFormula) is clearly the best and most effective training out there. I have been recording and mixing for over 40 years, and I have yet to achieve the results that I was able to after only the first Mixing course I watched.

PSF is far, far better and more effective than one-on-one training I have had, or the recording/engineering courses I took at a local college. Nothing has been as good and no instructor has been as competent and as well-prepared as Rob Williams. Further, the songs Rob uses in his training sessions are ones I can actually enjoy listening to and can relate to, not like some of the noise that characterizes so many of the training courses one finds on You Tube.

As a student, I am particularly grateful for real-world tips Rob includes with the training — not just generalities, but actual, useful information. Examples: the “dotted line” on the EQ cheat sheet and the hint about trimming the vocal at around 800-1000Hz when necessary. I applied these tips to the songs I had been working on and the entire mixes just came alive. Suddenly they sounded comparable to the reference track I had been aiming toward.

My thanks and congratulations to Rob for designing and producing such an intelligent and relevant series of courses, and thanks also for making so many of them available for free on You Tube. Thanks also for taking the time and effort to prepare the courses and the video production and not just fumbling along like so many others.

Dale Balok


Hi Rob, I want you to know that NOT even the 5000€ course i’ve done at Microfusa 8 years ago taught me as much about the experience of recording, working with sound, and producing music as your Ultimate Mixing Formula.

This past year I’ve tried everything from youtube tutorials to just using my ears to make improvements, but this year i wanted to make my production much better and since the money was limited to study i decided to give it a shot with your mixing formula and it turned out to be a really critical part of my new work.

The main things I liked most is the consciousness of how to work, what to look for in a mix, how to approach the sound, how to treat different sounds with compressors and eq to enhance them and make them sound better. How NOT to make a bummy mix, how to know when you do, and what to do in case you do. You put order in my head because the videos are so well structured in a way any one can learn a lot from them. (And the english is perfectly understood even though not my first language) Thanks!



I am a graduated student of SAE Athens in Greece and even though I won the award for the best student of the season I didn’t learn the most important thing – what is mixing and how we can approach it. All that they said to us was “you are alone and you have to do the correct balance between the channels”. They told us only that, which is very ridiculous given the fact that we spent a bunch of money to learn from the “pros”!!

I bought the ultimate mixing course, and i find it very detailed and very complete as a course. Particularly, I like the organization in every aspect of every explanation. For example when you explain terms and important things in tabs and analyzing them on videos + pdf’s that’s very quick for recall!! Bingo, brilliant job!! And the HD video production feels like i am in the classroom with a projector and a teacher next to me!! WOW!

I also love the way you approach a mix by bringing up the mixing mindsets. That makes you really think like the pros when you are producing!

Finally, I also like that you don’t waste your time on a topic that you are explaining by saying useless things. All of the video material is pure gold :D and I recommend the ultimate mixing formula to anyone who wants to invest such a little amount of money for such a big change!!!!

As you can imagine i always needed this course and now that i am doing my own productions it was the perfect time to have bought it. Thanks for your precious time Rob and talk to you soon, I am looking forward to!! :D



I cannot thank you enough for your effort and kindness. The program is unbelievable! From the production, to the quality, the content you chose to include and so many more countless things. This program is easily worth a few thousand dollars in my opinion and its truly humbling of you to offer it at such a low cost to the guys who aren’t backed by big labels.

After working like mad and investing in gear over the last few years, I believe this will be the final step to achieving the commercial quality sound we have been striving for.

Wajih Zafar


To be honest I was skeptical when I first stumbled across your website. I took a chance on your music production courses, turned out to be the BEST $600 I’ve ever spent in my life :)

Your tutorials are amazing. In less than 2 weeks of watching the videos, my audio went from absolutely awful to pretty decent. And this is coming from someone who knew nothing about music production before watching your tutorials.

I love the way you explains things, giving specific examples e.g. set the attack time to ~ 10ms or take out -3dB at 100Hz etc. Whereas most of the guys on youtube would say “Turn the knobs until it sounds good” which really isn’t helpful at all.

Investing money in your programs is easily one of the best things I’ve done in my life. I’ve been songwriting for 16 years and have been wanting to record my own music for years. Now I can. Thanks Rob, you’re Amazing!



I went through a lot of free tutorials on YouTube and even bought some random mixing and mastering programs. But they just scratched the surface – Good for beginners, bad for advanced persons.

Then I came across Rob Williams on YouTube. I saw his “HOW TO MASTER A SONG” video and it caught me off guard! I’ve never seen someone explaining difficult things in such an easy way. After watching the video I tried to apply these 7 steps on my mix and I was overwhelmed by the result. My mix got clearer, louder and fatter … instantly!

Bottom line: If you want to make improvements, just buy one of Rob’s programs. You won’t be disappointed! Period.

Sascha Michi


Before I discovered Rob Williams, I had read books and been all over the internet. There is so much information out there and so many videos. Unfortunately, the majority of the information and videos that people post are not really helpful.

Rob has a gift. He has the ability to break down the big picture items into small digestible pieces. Whether you have spend thousands of dollars for schooling or just a beginner who has the desire to learn, his courses are for you. I was at the point of giving up. I did not have any formal training, but I have been a musician for years. I just could not get my mixes to sound polished no matter what technique I tried.

Rob has helped me get into the mix better and stop over thinking. He gave me the tools to listen to what I am doing instead of doing what I have been told or what I read. This material is top notch and I recommend it to everyone I talk to. I just can’t say enough of what I have achieved from your courses. Thanks Rob for making me a better mixer and giving me the confidence I needed to stay in the mix!



It all started with youtube-tutorials: I spent hours and hours working myself through infinite tutorials on mixing. I manually compared, took notes, stumbled across contradictions, etc etc etc. After months I realized that this time consuming, autodidacting approach of learning had one massive disadvantage: it taught me knowledge without context. After all this work I still did not know WHERE to start with mixing nor did I know WHEN it was finished. All I was looking for was a guideline, a kind of mixing-map.

Your Ultimate Mixing Formula program provided me with all I needed: Well structured, trustworthy high quality knowledge put into context: A proper roadmap to mixing.

At the same time, I like the way you teach – and encourage – me to make my own mixing decisions by asking the right questions. It’s the right balance between hard facts on the one side and general guidelines on the other side. By doing so, UMF has had a huge positive effect on my way of producing. I’ve sped up my workflow: It’s simply more efficient and I feel confident enough to make my own mixing decisions.

Creating better music faster allows me to get closer to my aim: make a living from my passion: Music.



I want to share with you that I purchased a home recording tutorial about two weeks ago for $99, and I purchased another about a month ago for $197, and your course is so simple and easy to understand, it is packed with useful information, that after two hours into it, I’ve already learned more than I’ve learned from the last two programs I purchased combined.

I’ve invested upwards of $2000 chasing after “the” home recording course that promises to take you from idea to finished product, sadly most of it is hype and repetition, and I wish I had discovered you earlier.

Please keep up the excellent work you are doing. There are many of us who need what you offer.”


Pro Sound Formula

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