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Mastering beginners guide


Mastering Your Music – The Essential Beginners Guide

Learn what mastering is, why your songs should be mastered, and how mastering can transform the sound of your tracks and give them that ‘commercial quality’ sound.

The 5 purposes of mastering


The 5 Purposes of Mastering– The Goals of Every Mastering Session

There are essentially 5 things we must accomplish to get a complete, commercial quality, master. Before you can learn HOW to do something, you must know WHY you are doing it so that you know what you’re going after.

How to master a song


How to Master a Song – Simple 7 Step Mastering Formula

Learn how to master your songs using my simple 7 step mastering formula. Make your masters sound loud, fat, and full, just like your favorite commercial tracks…

The 5 purposes of mastering

Recording / Mixing

How to go from Demo to Pro (Part 1) – The Top 5 Musical Mistakes

If you’ve been feeling a bit frustrated with your music lately – you know there’s something not quite right about it, but you don’t know what – this is for you.

The top 5 technical mistakes

Recording / Mixing / Mastering

How to go from Demo to Pro (Part 2) – The Top 5 Technical Mistakes

In part 2 of this series, you’re going to learn the 5 most common technical mistakes that cause people’s tracks to sound more like amateur demos, than professional sounding commercial tracks…

How to EQ vocals

Vocals / Mixing

How to EQ Vocals – Simple 3 Step Formula

Learn my simple 3 step process for EQing your vocal tracks to sound clear, professional, and stand out in the mix…

The 5 drivers of mixing


The 5 Drivers of Mixing (Part 1) – Essentials of a Great Sounding Mix

In this video you’ll learn ‘The 5 Drivers of Mixing’ and how they influence almost every decision we make in a mix. These are the 5 main things we’re doing throughout a mix in order to make it sound great, and understanding these ‘5 Drivers’ is the first step to learning how to mix your songs like the pros.

The 5 drivers of mixing part 2


The 5 Drivers of Mixing (Part 2) – Mixing a Song from Start to Finish

In part 2 of ‘The 5 Drivers of Mixing’, I’m going to give you a practical demonstration of how we use these 5 Drivers throughout a mix to guide just about every decision we make. I’ll be taking you through a simple mix and showing you how we Balance, Fix, Enhance, Shape, and create Space in the mix.


The Ultimate Mastering Formula

If you just wish someone could walk you through the entire mastering process, step by step, from start to finish, showing you exactly how to master your music – check out my in-depth course ‘The Ultimate Mastering Formula’ below…


Study audio engineering


Is audio engineering school really worth it?

If you’re trying to decide whether going to audio engineering school is worth it or not, read this first! It’s a big investment and there are pros and cons…

Pro Sound Formula

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