EQ is the number one factor that makes the difference between an “amateur demo” sound, and a professional commercial sound…

Have you struggled with ‘muddy’, undefined sounding mixes? What about thin or harsh sounding tracks? Do you find that your tracks don’t sound consistent when you listen to them on different systems? Or, do you just find that your songs don’t sound as full and clear as your favorite commercial tracks? Well, I’ve got good news and bad news…

The bad news is that ALL these things point to just one thing – an EQ problem! The good news is, I have a brand new program to finally show you EXACTLY how to use this powerful tool to bring out the BEST in your tracks :)


  • How to use EQ to bring out the best in all the major instruments – bass, drums, guitars, keys, and vocals
  • 7 Practice sessions so you can model exactly what I’m doing and compare your progress directly to my examples
  • All my EQ Cheat Sheets to help guide you through your mixes
  • Over 9 hours of 1080p full HD video training with crystal clear audio – it’s as if you’re sitting there right with me :)
  • Learn the real cause of ‘muddy’, undefined sounding mixes – and how to fix this for good

Entire 9 hour program + all practice sessions: $97

Instant access to the entire program right from your private members area.

No need to wait for a large download, or hassle with copying files to all your different devices. You can access the entire program instantly right from your phone, tablet, or desktop – anytime, anywhere.

(You need an active internet connection to access your members area. The entire program can also be downloaded.)


Over 9 hours of 1080P HD video training.

With crystal clear 1080P HD video, you’ll feel like you’re right there with me!

Because this is an audio training and you’re going to be learning by listening, I’ve made sure the audio is of the highest quality possible. Encoded at 320kb/s AAC, you’re hearing what I’m hearing :)

(320kb/s audio is the highest quality audio a MP4 file can contain. 256kb/s AAC is considered indistinguishable from uncompressed .WAV – this is even higher than that just to be sure.)

7 Practice sessions for you to learn by experience.

You don’t learn just by watching someone do something, you learn by actually DOING it yourself. So for all the major instruments that I show you how to EQ, there’s a practice session with the exact same example tracks for you to try out what I’ve shown you for yourself. All audio files are 44.1, 24 bit, and can be imported into any DAW.

Download the entire program.

Apart from instant access to the program in your members area, you can download the entire course so you have access to it anytime – even without an internet connection. It’s yours to keep forever!

EQ Cheat Sheets for drums, bass, guitars, keys, & vocals.

These EQ Cheat Sheets are a great reference to have, but what’s even better, is that I’ll be guiding you through each one in a video training showing you exactly how to EQ drums, bass, guitars, keys, and vocals – it’s all in here!

Yes, Rob… I’m Serious About Improving My Tracks And I Want To Be A Part Of The EQ Made Simple Training!

By Ordering, I Understand And Accept The Following:

  • I understand that you’ve taken many years to learn, perfect, and organize this knowledge, and I agree to treat this coaching & training with the utmost respect.
  • I agree to participate fully in this program, to ask questions if I need to, and to implement the lessons I learn.
  • I understand that I’ll get immediate access to the entire EQ Made Simple program in my members area.
  • I understand that if I want to download the full programs, it’s about a 3Gb download, and I have the bandwidth to download it.
  • I understand that this is going to be a FUN, intensive training program, and I’m up for the challenge!

Your 100% 60-Day Zero Risk Guarantee

Rob, I’m seriously going to give this program my very best effort. I also understand that I have a generous 2 month (60 days) without risk guarantee that if I’m not happy for whatever reason, I can get a full refund – and even KEEP all the training I’ve received as my gift. OK, I’m committed & ready to gain this valuable skill to improve the quality of my tracks!


Entire 9 hour program + all practice sessions: $97

Get EQ Made Simple!


On the fence? You don’t have to decide right now…

If you’re on the fence and not sure whether this program is for you or not, you don’t have to decide now! You’ve got a full 60 days to try out the program for yourself and put what you learn to the test. I can only keep this special launch offer open for a few days though, so make sure you lock in your copy at this special price, and then you can make up your mind later once you’ve had a chance to check it out :)

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