The Ultimate Mixing Formula

Do you have the ability to produce world-class mixes? Watch the above video to learn the 7 essential elements you need in order to produce great mixes. After that, I’ll introduce you to The Ultimate Mixing Formula and show you how it can help you finally get the insider knowledge you need to produce great mixes that bring out the best in your songs.

How many times have you sat down to mix one of your tracks, and thought… “This time it’s going to be different – this time I’m going to make this song sound GREAT”…

…But as the hours went by, you started to lose that initial excitement, and everything just started sounding the same.

Eventually, you probably got to a point where you couldn’t even tell if what you’re doing, and all the plugins you were adding, were actually making things better or worse!

There’s few things more frustrating and disheartening than trying your absolute best to make one of your songs sound great, and falling short.

You feel like you’ve just thrown away a good song – maybe even a great song, because without a good sound, no one will take it seriously.

I don’t believe you stumbled upon this page by accident. I know you love music, and I bet you’ve been searching for a while now to find a way to make your songs sound as good as the commercial records you love.

I know what it’s like to be totally frustrated by mixing a song – knowing exactly how you WANT it to sound, but having no idea how to actually do that using your DAW and the plugins you have.

“…The guys who are the very best in the world follow some kind of structured system, a repeatable method for producing great mixes again and again.”

For YEARS, I just wished I could sit behind an expert and watch exactly what they do – how they transformed these plain sounding recording sessions into the amazing sounding songs I loved.

Sure, I knew a lot of tricks and techniques, but I was never quite sure how they were all supposed to fit together to make a great sounding final mix.

My approach to mixing felt more like a guessing game than anything resembling a structured method.

I would just throw on some plugins, start tweaking them, and hope for the best. When it didn’t sound the way I wanted it to, I would put on MORE plugins and repeat the process… usually making it worse…

What I eventually learnt was, the guys who are the very best in the world follow some kind of structured system, a repeatable method for producing great mixes again and again.

Of course, every song is different, but the overall basic approach stays almost exactly the same.

Once you have a solid approach to mixing, and you understand what you’re trying to accomplish, all the tricks and techniques you’ve learnt will make sense and fall into place – and, it allows you to focus on what’s MOST important – the SONG.

The bottom line is, if you want better mixes, you need to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

You need a new approach. You need a system.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learnt about mixing in over a decade of doing this professionally and modeling the best in the world, and distilled it down into the very best methods, techniques, and tricks for getting professional mixes.

The Ultimate Mixing Formula will save you YEARS of frustrating trial and error, and give you a simple, proven, step by step approach for making great sounding mixes that bring out the very best in your songs.

Is this program for me?

Not sure if this program is for you or not? Take a quick look at the list of problems and challenges below to see if you relate to any of them.

  • Your mixes sound dull, lifeless, or muddy and seem to lack the energy and power of your favorite commercial records.
  • It sounds like everything’s on top of each other and lacks the clarity that you hear in commercial tracks.
  • You’re unsure of what exactly you’re meant to be doing, and so you waste a lot of time constantly second guessing yourself. You probably haven’t had any formal training so you’re not sure you’re doing things the right way.
  • You’re not sure which plugins or effects to use, the right settings to use, and how much you should be using them.
  • Your mixes sound good in your studio but ‘fall apart’, or sound unbalanced, when you play them on other systems.
  • You feel like you’ve ‘stalled’ – you’re not totally happy with the sound you’re getting but you’re not sure what to do next.
  • You’re confused by all the conflicting opinions and advice you see and read about online.
  • You don’t understand exactly what you need to accomplish to get great sounding mixes, and so you’re not sure what to work on that will make the biggest difference to the sound of your tracks.

If you can identify with any of these, you’re in the right place!

The truth is, all these problems are really just symptoms of a much bigger problem: Lack of good training.

Once you learn the RIGHT way to go about mixing and the RIGHT techniques to use, these problems will go away by themselves.

The Ultimate Mixing Formula is a complete system specifically designed to show the best methods and techniques for mixing your tracks like the pros, from setting up your mix session to exporting your final mix. Nothing’s left out.

The only mixing training in the world that defines exactly what makes a great mix, and how to get there.

This is a big statement and claim to make, but it’s true. (I know, because I’ve searched everywhere!)

If you’ve tried other courses before and still found yourself confused, it’s no surprise. I still get emails from guys who have spent years at some of the top, most expensive, sound training schools in the world, and left without even knowing how to mix.

It happened to me.

I’ve still yet to find a course (online or institution) that even DEFINES exactly what you need to do in order to get great mixes – never mind actually accomplishing it.

This was one of my biggest frustrations when learning to mix, which is why I’ve specifically created The Ultimate Mixing Formula to be built around showing you exactly now to accomplish the 5 key objectives that make a GREAT mix.

I’m so confident in this claim, that if you find a better, more complete mixing course than this one, I’ll give you double your money back.

Designed for you, the musician.

If you’re a musician, you love making music, and you want your tracks to sound great, I designed this course specifically for you.

Unlike many other books and courses out there, you won’t need a Phd in astro physics just to understand this!

I’ve purposely left out all the unimportant, boring, technical jargon that makes no practical difference to your tracks.

This is a practical, real-world guide to producing great mixes using the gear you already have.

That said, don’t think for a moment that you’re getting some stripped down training that’s only for beginners! The program is designed to cover everything from the very basics, to the advanced techniques and methods used by the pros.

The program is broken down into small, ‘bite-sized’ modules to make it easy to find the specific training you’re looking for.

If you’re new to the game, you’ll be guided through the entire process step by step.

If you’ve already got a fair amount of experience, you can simply skip forward to the more advanced sessions.

I’m still surprised to get emails from guys who have spent years studying sound engineering at some top (expensive!) institution, and tell me that they’ve learnt more practical methods and techniques from my program in just a couple of hours.

I tell you this not to brag in any way, but so that you can feel confident that you’re investing in the very best training in the world for your music (not to mention at a faction of the cost! :)

In the past I took a Music Production course and despite spending 3 years in England and learning the stuff I came out with a head full of technical terms, theories and principles of how things like compressors, preamps, mics, EQs work but there was very little musical and practical things. After watching your videos I came to the conclusion that your advices are worth more than the Uni’s entire course =)


A simple, step-by-step system for bringing out the BEST in your songs by transforming your raw recording sessions into GREAT sounding, commercial quality mixes.

  • How to create big, clear, punchy, mixes like your favorite commercial records
  • How to EQ, compress, augment, & add FX to your vocals, drums, bass, guitars, piano, etc. to bring out the best in them – I give you the EXACT settings that I use
  • Over 47 hours of crystal clear 1080p full HD video with uncompressed audio – it’s as if you’re sitting there right with me :)
  • Over 100 pages of Summary Checklists so you can instantly skim through the most essential points
  • Master Mix Maps to guide you through your mixes step-by-step
  • TWO mix practice sessions for you to follow along with – You get all the audio files which you can easily import right into any DAW
  • The 5 Drivers of Mixing Advanced Training – Exactly how to Balance, Fix, Enhance, Shape, and create Space in your mixes
  • Exactly how to accomplish all 5 Key Objectives of Mixing – Final Arrangement, Emotional Experience, Sounds Good Technically, Sonic Consistency, Format Ready for Mastering
  • The 4 Phase Mixing Formula – Learn the same step-by-step mix structure used by countless top mixing pros
  • Make your mixes sound great EVERYWHERE – How to make sure your mixes translate to other systems and sound great no matter what they’re played on.
  • The art of automation – how to use automation to get the perfect volume & FX balance throughout your mixes, and create that ‘wow factor’ when big sections kick in.

This program is easily worth a few thousand dollars in my opinion and its truly humbling of you to offer it at such a low cost to the guys who aren’t backed by big labels.

Wajih Zafar

Instant access. Experience the program on all your favorite devices.

Start immediately.

No need to wait for any downloads. Get instant access to the entire Ultimate Mixing Formula program right inside your private members area.

Wherever you are.

HD streaming to all your favorite devices – as long as you’ve got an internet connection and supported browser, you can access the program wherever you are.

Yours to keep.

Instant access to download the entire program in high definition – the files are yours to keep forever.

Help is here.

Direct access to email me personally if you get stuck or have questions while going through the program – I stand fully behind my programs and am ready to answer any questions you may have.

Your Ultimate Mixing Formula program provided me with all I needed: Well structured, trustworthy high quality knowledge put into context: A proper roadmap to mixing.


Get The Ultimate Mixing Formula and start transforming your mixes today.

If you’re ready to take your mixes to the next level, now’s your chance.

If you want your songs to sound great, you need a great mix. To get a great mix, you either have to pay someone, or you need to learn to do it yourself.

Top mix engineers can charge $10,000+ to mix just ONE song. Yes, one song, $10K.

For an absolute fraction of what it would cost to have just one of your songs mixed by these guys, you can get everything you need to know to produce professional mixes yourself.

Now of course, this isn’t some magic pill, you need to put in the work. You’ll need to go through the course and you’ll need to put it into practice.

“Top mix engineers can charge $10,000+ to mix just ONE song. Yes, one song, $10K.”

But the fact is, you’re ALREADY doing this all yourself! You’re already working WAY harder than you should… (and I’m guessing still not getting the results you really want.)

The Ultimate Mixing Formula is just going to show you the RIGHT way to do it so that you stop wasting time, have less frustration trying to figure it all out yourself, and can actually start making your tracks sound the way you want them to sound NOW… instead of in 10 years time.

I know you wouldn’t be reading this right now if you hadn’t already made the decision and commitment to improve your mixes and make your songs sound great. I seriously commend you for that, because you’re already WAY ahead of most people who never take this seriously and so never achieve anything great.

But I’m sure you’ve already spent a lot of time searching for the answers and you may even be a bit skeptical and wondering; “will this actually work for ME and my music?”

I want you to feel safe and know that you can try this program without risk or worry.

If you’re sitting on the fence, you don’t have to make the decision now, you’ve got 60 days to try out the program and hear the results for yourself, and if for any reason you’re not totally happy with it, just send me an email and I’ll refund you right away – no problem, no hassles… and you can even keep all the downloads as my way of saying “thanks for giving it a chance”. Either way, you can’t lose :)

Why am I doing this?

Well, even though I may not know you personally yet, I KNOW your struggle with getting the sound you really want. I LIVED it.

I know what a difference this program will make to your music because it’s the program I could only dream of having when I was trying to learn this myself.

I know how many YEARS it took me to accumulate even a fraction of what’s in this program, and so I know how much time and frustration it will save you.

Ok, enough talk! If you’re ready to take this next step with me and find out what this program can do for your music, let’s do it!

The agreement below just outlines exactly what you’ll be getting as well as your guarantee.

Don’t worry, there’s no ‘fine print’, this is it!

Yes, Rob… I’m Serious About Improving My Tracks And I Want To Be A Part Of The Ultimate Mixing Formula Training!

By Ordering, I Understand And Accept The Following:

  • I understand that you’ve taken many years to learn, perfect, and organize this knowledge, and I agree to treat this coaching & training with the utmost respect.
  • I agree to participate fully in this program, to ask questions if I need to, and to implement the lessons I learn.
  • I understand that I’ll get immediate access to the entire Ultimate Mixing Formula program in my members area.
  • I understand that if I want to download the full program, it’s a 11Gb / 18Gb download, and I have the bandwidth to download it.
  • I understand that this is going to be a FUN, intensive training program, and I’m up for the challenge!

Your 100% 60-Day Zero Risk Guarantee

Rob, I’m seriously going to give this program my very best effort. I also understand that I have a generous 2 month (60 days) without risk guarantee that if I’m not happy for whatever reason, I can get a full refund – and even KEEP all the training I’ve received as my gift. OK, I’m committed & ready to gain this valuable skill, and improve the quality of my mixes, and the music I work on!


$497 Now just $297

Get The Ultimate Mixing Formula


PSF (ProSoundFormula) is clearly the best and most effective training out there. I have been recording and mixing for over 40 years, and I have yet to achieve the results that I was able to after only the first Mixing course I watched.

PSF is far, far better and more effective than one-on-one training I have had, or the recording/engineering courses I took at a local college. Nothing has been as good and no instructor has been as competent and as well-prepared as Rob Williams. Further, the songs Rob uses in his training sessions are ones I can actually enjoy listening to and can relate to, not like some of the noise that characterizes so many of the training courses one finds on You Tube.

As a student, I am particularly grateful for real-world tips Rob includes with the training — not just generalities, but actual, useful information. Examples: the “dotted line” on the EQ cheat sheet and the hint about trimming the vocal at around 800-1000Hz when necessary. I applied these tips to the songs I had been working on and the entire mixes just came alive. Suddenly they sounded comparable to the reference track I had been aiming toward.

My thanks and congratulations to Rob for designing and producing such an intelligent and relevant series of courses, and thanks also for making so many of them available for free on You Tube. Thanks also for taking the time and effort to prepare the courses and the video production and not just fumbling along like so many others.

Dale Balok


Hi Rob, I want you to know that NOT even the 5000€ course i’ve done at Microfusa 8 years ago taught me as much about the experience of recording, working with sound, and producing music as your Ultimate Mixing Formula.

This past year I’ve tried everything from youtube tutorials to just using my ears to make improvements, but this year i wanted to make my production much better and since the money was limited to study i decided to give it a shot with your mixing formula and it turned out to be a really critical part of my new work.

The main things I liked most is the consciousness of how to work, what to look for in a mix, how to approach the sound, how to treat different sounds with compressors and eq to enhance them and make them sound better. How NOT to make a bummy mix, how to know when you do, and what to do in case you do. You put order in my head because the videos are so well structured in a way any one can learn a lot from them. (And the english is perfectly understood even though not my first language) Thanks!



I am a graduated student of SAE Athens in Greece and even though I won the award for the best student of the season I didn’t learn the most important thing – what is mixing and how we can approach it. All that they said to us was “you are alone and you have to do the correct balance between the channels”. They told us only that, which is very ridiculous given the fact that we spent a bunch of money to learn from the “pros”!!

I bought the ultimate mixing course, and i find it very detailed and very complete as a course. Particularly, I like the organization in every aspect of every explanation. For example when you explain terms and important things in tabs and analyzing them on videos + pdf’s that’s very quick for recall!! Bingo, brilliant job!! And the HD video production feels like i am in the classroom with a projector and a teacher next to me!! WOW!

I also love the way you approach a mix by bringing up the mixing mindsets. That makes you really think like the pros when you are producing!

Finally, I also like that you don’t waste your time on a topic that you are explaining by saying useless things. All of the video material is pure gold :D and I recommend the ultimate mixing formula to anyone who wants to invest such a little amount of money for such a big change!!!!

As you can imagine i always needed this course and now that i am doing my own productions it was the perfect time to have bought it. Thanks for your precious time Rob and talk to you soon, I am looking forward to!! :D



I cannot thank you enough for your effort and kindness. The program is unbelievable! From the production, to the quality, the content you chose to include and so many more countless things. This program is easily worth a few thousand dollars in my opinion and its truly humbling of you to offer it at such a low cost to the guys who aren’t backed by big labels.

After working like mad and investing in gear over the last few years, I believe this will be the final step to achieving the commercial quality sound we have been striving for.

Wajih Zafar


To be honest I was skeptical when I first stumbled across your website. I took a chance on your music production courses, turned out to be the BEST $600 I’ve ever spent in my life :)

Your tutorials are amazing. In less than 2 weeks of watching the videos, my audio went from absolutely awful to pretty decent. And this is coming from someone who knew nothing about music production before watching your tutorials.

I love the way you explains things, giving specific examples e.g. set the attack time to ~ 10ms or take out -3dB at 100Hz etc. Whereas most of the guys on youtube would say “Turn the knobs until it sounds good” which really isn’t helpful at all.

Investing money in your programs is easily one of the best things I’ve done in my life. I’ve been songwriting for 16 years and have been wanting to record my own music for years. Now I can. Thanks Rob, you’re Amazing!



I went through a lot of free tutorials on YouTube and even bought some random mixing and mastering programs. But they just scratched the surface – Good for beginners, bad for advanced persons.

Then I came across Rob Williams on YouTube. I saw his “HOW TO MASTER A SONG” video and it caught me off guard! I’ve never seen someone explaining difficult things in such an easy way. After watching the video I tried to apply these 7 steps on my mix and I was overwhelmed by the result. My mix got clearer, louder and fatter … instantly!

Bottom line: If you want to make improvements, just buy one of Rob’s programs. You won’t be disappointed! Period.

Sascha Michi


Before I discovered Rob Williams, I had read books and been all over the internet. There is so much information out there and so many videos. Unfortunately, the majority of the information and videos that people post are not really helpful.

Rob has a gift. He has the ability to break down the big picture items into small digestible pieces. Whether you have spend thousands of dollars for schooling or just a beginner who has the desire to learn, his courses are for you. I was at the point of giving up. I did not have any formal training, but I have been a musician for years. I just could not get my mixes to sound polished no matter what technique I tried.

Rob has helped me get into the mix better and stop over thinking. He gave me the tools to listen to what I am doing instead of doing what I have been told or what I read. This material is top notch and I recommend it to everyone I talk to. I just can’t say enough of what I have achieved from your courses. Thanks Rob for making me a better mixer and giving me the confidence I needed to stay in the mix!



It all started with youtube-tutorials: I spent hours and hours working myself through infinite tutorials on mixing. I manually compared, took notes, stumbled across contradictions, etc etc etc. After months I realized that this time consuming, autodidacting approach of learning had one massive disadvantage: it taught me knowledge without context. After all this work I still did not know WHERE to start with mixing nor did I know WHEN it was finished. All I was looking for was a guideline, a kind of mixing-map.

Your Ultimate Mixing Formula program provided me with all I needed: Well structured, trustworthy high quality knowledge put into context: A proper roadmap to mixing.

At the same time, I like the way you teach – and encourage – me to make my own mixing decisions by asking the right questions. It’s the right balance between hard facts on the one side and general guidelines on the other side. By doing so, UMF has had a huge positive effect on my way of producing. I’ve sped up my workflow: It’s simply more efficient and I feel confident enough to make my own mixing decisions.

Creating better music faster allows me to get closer to my aim: make a living from my passion: Music.


Still have questions?


What’s included in the program?

In the video at the top of this page I show you everything that’s inside the program.

Basically, the program consists of videos and PDF’s guiding you through the entire mix process step by step.

To give you some idea of what’s inside…

There are OVER 100 pages of summary’s alone.

There’s OVER 47 HOURS of video (yes – forty-seven!).

There’s TWO full practice mix sessions which you can follow along with.

There are sessions on bringing out the best in your drums, bass, vocals, guitars, piano, etc. (How to EQ, compress, augment, etc.)

For example, there’s a 3h30 HOUR session JUST on how to get great drum sounds.

Full sessions on EXACTLY how to accomplish each of the 5 Key Objectives of Mixing.

If you haven’t yet, check out the video up top, it’s all in there :)



Is this a virtual or physical product?

It’s online / download only – as much as I’d love to make a physical product available, the logistics would push the cost up far too high to make it viable. You have the option to access the program online from your members area, and / or download it to your computer.



How big is the download?

With almost 50 HOURS of HD video, it’s going to be big! But using the MOST advanced compression algorithms available I’ve been able to get it down to just under 10GB (which is incredible if you consider that my uncompressed master export was over 6TB – Yes, over 6000GB!)

What I’ve done is made two versions available:

1. The standard version which is just under 10GB

2. A full-sized version which is about 18GB

You’ll have lifetime access to both versions. The ONLY difference is in the quality of the videos.

The standard version has a minimum of 720p HD video with AAC audio.

The large version is 1080p full HD with UNCOMPRESSED audio – so you’re essentially listening to exactly what I’m listening to.

Remember, you can access the program immediately from your members area and stream the videos to just about any modern phone, tablet, or computer connected to the net.



If the download fails for some reason can I download it again?

NO, tough luck buddy!

– Kidding! Seriously, I get this question all the time – You have access to the videos and PDF’s from you members area and can log in and view them anytime.. If you have any trouble with the download you can just email me and I’ll send you some backup links.



What if I get stuck or there’s something that I don’t understand?

I’ve put an incredible amount of time into planning and producing my programs to make sure that they are VERY straight forward and explain everything in great detail. However, if you get stuck or are confused by something, you can always email me..

Pro Sound Formula

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