The Mastering Mini-Course

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The Mastering Mini-Course

If you want your songs to sound professional, mastering isn’t optional, it’s the final phase in a song’s production and ESSENTIAL to creating a great sounding finished song.

Done wrong, it can literally ruin all the hard work, time, effort, and money that’s gone into the entire production.

Done right, it can enhance and amplify the emotion of a song, and make sure that it sounds great no matter what system your fans may be listening to it on.

“Often it can take someone just seconds to decide whether they like or dislike a song.”

In music, as in life, first impressions count.

Often it can take someone just seconds to decide whether they like or dislike a song – whether that’s a fair judgement or not is irrelevant, this is just how it is.

Mastering plays a vital role in the first impression a song has on someone when they hear it for the first time.

If the mastering hasn’t been done well, your song can sound weak, dull, and lifeless compared to other commercial records – not the kind of first impression you want to make!

Now, let me ask you a question…

Have you ever wondered whether you – yes YOU – can create great sounding masters without having a ton of fancy gear and 20+ years of experience?

This is one of the questions I’ll aim to answer in this upcoming course. (You’ll have to sign up to find out the answer! ;)

So if you’ve been looking to improve your masters, sign up free for my Mastering Mini-Course where I’ll be sharing with you some of my best insights into getting great sounding masters that bring out the best in your tracks.

  • The Mastering EQ Cheat Sheet – the most common EQ’s used in mastering to enhance the final sound.
  • The Hollywood Master Challenge – answering the question once and for all whether it’s possible to produce professional masters without the fancy gear.
  • The 10 Major Mastering Mistakes – how to avoid the common pitfalls that lead to amateur sounding masters.

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Rob, very good informative video. Thanks for posting it. You helped solve some issues for me that I have been struggling with. I have a much better understanding of the mastering process than I had before. Great tips. Thanks again.”


Damn I could’ve done with this about a year ago when i was given a mastering lesson at uni..which we were just told to use a compressor and eq…no wonder i failed xD”


Great tutorial and the best: IT WORKS!!!”


Iv seen almost all the available tutorials on mastering, AND THIS ONE IS THE BEST, HANDS DOWN ! cheers”

Rijul Victor

Clear, concise, interesting. Fabulously presented in a quality lit environment. Well done! You should be on TV dude”


God bless you for sharing these secrets!”


Very well done vid, I have not found any other post that actually spells out the process in such an orderly and logical fashion. Thanks.”


I really love this vid this is hot and free boom”

Jamel Newton

I LOVE YOU!!! I have been mastering for about a year now using Izotope Ozone, but I had no Idea about clipping! Also the waves plugins, which I already have, are probably better than Ozone. I spent 400hours on Reaper in the last 3 months and this video has changed the game!”

Matt Glass

Q. Are these courses REALLY free?? What’s the catch?

A. Yes, the mini-courses are free, no catch, no obligation to buy anything, just great stuff to help you improve your music :) I understand that not everyone can afford my in-depth trainings, so the free mini-courses are open to anyone with a passion to improve their music. The mini-courses are also a way for you to see what my programs are like so you can decide whether you’d like to invest in one of my complete, in-depth trainings.

Q. How long are the mini courses?

A. About 2 weeks. A new lesson will be unlocked about every 3 days (it’s not every day).

Q. Will I be notified when a new lessons becomes available?

A. Of course! I’ll send you an email whenever a new lesson is released.

Q. Can I sign up for the course without getting the emails?

A. Not at the moment. But, you can very easily stop getting the emails by clicking on the link at the bottom of any of the mini-course emails.

Q.Can I change to a different mini-course once I’ve already started one?

A. Unfortunately not. Once you’ve chosen a mini-course you can’t cancel or change it and you’ll need to wait until it finishes before starting another mini-course. Don’t worry, it’s only a few days!

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